Thomas Telford School’s U16 Basketball Team Conquers Shrewsbury School in Playoff Thriller

The Thomas Telford School’s U16 basketball team, supported by Rawzone Basketball Club Coach LG displayed remarkable determination and prowess in their playoff clash against Shrewsbury School.

In a fiercely competitive encounter, Shrewsbury School initially seized control, showcasing formidable basketball skills in the opening quarter. However, the boys from Thomas Telford School remained composed, navigating the physical challenges of the game with cohesion and strategic play.

Maintaining a steady lead throughout, the team showcased their basketball finesse, particularly shining in the decisive final quarter. With a final score of 58-37 in their favor, they clinched a decisive victory, propelling them to the next round of the playoffs.

Coach LG and Mr. Lowe extend their congratulations to Enzi, Tom.S, Tash, Derrick, Luca, Favour Wesley, Kenzie, and Cooper for their outstanding performance. This triumph stands as a testament to the team’s dedication and skill, marking a proud moment for Thomas Telford School’s basketball program.



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